Scottish Poetry and the Italian age

The spirit of the Renaissance (which is often thought only as an Italian phenomena) gave a huge effect to Scotland. Literature, art and music back in the 15 century shared the modern (for its time) spirit. It confirmed the fantastic development early on poetry influenced by intercontinental culture and movement and it generated the Age of Enlightenment, when various philosophical ideas promoted the fantastic intellectual movement in Scotland. The movement has effectively formed a modern universe in Scotland with Scottish Poetry from poets such as Robert Burns, who is considered the most legendary poet that has celebrated his accomplishment during the Age.

In the early eras, Scottish literature was actually focussed on poetry. Yet, his Romantic poems received a heavy influence from William Wordsworth from England. Auld Lang Syne is his best known poetry which is often sung in ballad song. The ballad beautifully constructed wording features are mainly employed rhymes and beats.

Since ancient times, the Scottish ballad which usually was the first kind of oral history recalling tales of previous Scottish generations and names of ancestors. The styles of early Scottish poetry, consisting of beautifully constructed wording were about fantasy, unnatural foklore, comedy, and nationalism. For many who like poetry, early Scottish ballads have portrayed the tradition and culture and often make some groups of folks particularly the churches experimented with to ban the beautifully constructed wording due to offensive and vulgar words.

The main reason why the first poets did not publish their poetry but in songs was they had been working class. The significant class at the period was not educated and illiterate. Thus, the only method to inherit their work was in this form of poetry and song.

Baby names

I have a real interest in names. They can be place names or names of people. I am interested in the history of names

as well as the origins of names Another particular interest is long lost names such as Biblical or ancient text names. These are often place names or names belong to family such as fathers with the resulting child being called "son of" which is a common way of expressing names in Scotland for example.


Other interests are current politics. The world is changing at a dramatic and perhaps frightening pace. I may dabble in writing about this also.